Enjoy our student and senior discounts

In order to reserve a IranAir flight using one of our discounts all you need to do is to attach a copy of the required documents mentioned below to an email along with the following information.

1. Full name of passengers  2. E-mail address  3. Telephone number  4. Route & Date of the flight


Documents required for student discount:

1. Copy of valid student residence permit*

2. Copy of valid student certification from university

3. Copy of spouse information page from Iranian identification documents (In case of requesting a discounted ticket for family members)

Please note that the student discount may only be used by Iranian students who have temporary residence permit in any of the Scandinavian countries.

Documents required for senior discount:

1. Copy of valid identifications like first page of passport or Id card (You have to be older than 60 years old to use this discount)


E-mail us: info@iranair.se

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